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Smart Messaging

Power your chat messaging with unrivalled deliverability and speed anywhere in the world

The Most Powerful Messaging Platform 

Smart messaging empowers clients to manage multiple messaging channels on one platform, including SMS, maaiiConnect IM, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Line, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and other third-party IMs. Companies can engage customers and handle multiple enquiries in real time on all popular messaging channels from anywhere in the world. Staff can also chat internally.

Even though maaiiConnect offers powerful chat messaging features, we keep improving and evolving the user experience by optimising platform features. What’s next? Our campaign manager will let companies send simple, bulk, or dynamic messages scheduled as one-off or regular customer communications. Optimise campaigns by tracking and exporting usage and sent reports.

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Are You Communicating on Your Customers’ Preferred Channels?

Does your messaging system offer all the features you want in one place?

Are you handling support issues as fast as your competitors?

Are you engaging in conversation with your customers? 

Are you reaching your customers where they want to communicate?

Are you reaching the right customers with the right message? 

Is your staff communicating effectively internally? 

How Smart Messaging Can Help Your Business

IM Messaging

Exchange of real-time messages to increase user engagement.

One Interface

Manage all messaging channels from one place.


Display your company name as the sender.


Integrate chat functions on websites and in apps.


Send and receive messages and rich content via multiple channels.


Send messages through the optimal channel at the optimal time.


Messages are encrypted in transit to guarantee secure delivery.


Use bots to automate common tasks.


Mirror messages across different messaging channels globally.


Seamlessly integrate SMS and chat messages with your CRM system.


Customers can access billing, reporting, and status information.

File Sharing

Securely share files such as audio, video, and images with ease.

Voice & Video

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Virtual Number

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Business Applications

Use maaiiConnect’s smart messaging platform to communicate with customers from different social media platforms or facilitate internal communication between staff. Follow up call enquiries or send chat messages to anyone globally.  

Other Solutions

Call Center

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Integration API

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The smartest way to convert messages into sales

M800’s revolutionary maaiiConnect platform puts companies on track to digitally transform the customer service experience through smart messages solutions.

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