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Virtual Number

Enhance the customer experience by using industry-leading virtual phone number services

Expand Your Reach Globally 

Set up virtual phone numbers to expand your reach and allow your customers to contact you from anywhere. Virtual numbers are deployed instantly, and empower customers to dial across borders easily and at reduced costs. Solutions include international toll-free, local access, and universal international freephone numbers. The quality and security of your calls are supported by our proprietary carrier-grade infrastructure and globally distributed network. Virtual numbers can be routed to anywhere.


Seamlessly integrate with your company’s designated toll-free or local numbers to our 1-Click-Call solution.

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150+ Countries 

Our vast networks cover more than 150 countries and territories.

Vanity Numbers 

Set up a virtual number with a specific number pattern to boost your brand recognition.


Worldwide implementation is fast, cost-effective, and flexible to suit all your business needs.

Data Analysis 

Our robust online portal enables real-time monitoring and data analysis.


Enjoy the advantages of a single supplier for all your voice service needs.

What Sets M800 Apart 

Broadest coverage in the marketplace with 150+ countries and territories available 
Premium IDD call termination 
Seamless setup with no hardware or software installation required 
Direct interconnection with more than 160 tier 1 telecom operators 
PSTN and SIP call termination supported 
All statistics and records (including CDRs) are available on a single, unified dashboard 
Three types of numbers available: international toll-free numbers, local access numbers, and Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) 

Are Your Call Centre Solutions Mobile? 

Are you getting the phone numbers you need?  
Are you ‘locally’ present in all your required countries?  
Are you facing difficulties routing your international calls?  
Are you present where your customers are?
Can you set up new numbers with international call routing instantly?  

How Virtual Numbers Can Help Your Business

International Coverage

Enable global outbound dialling with custom caller IDs.


Reduce call costs with an all-in-one business phone line.


Support customers with local numbers in more than 150 countries.

Smart Routing 

Forward calls to any device worldwide.


Virtual landlines deliver carrier-grade call quality.

Deploy Virtual Numbers for Any Device

International toll-free numbers
Local access phone numbers
UIFN (Universal International Freephone numbers)

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