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Virtual Office Solution

Provide personal, local service from anywhere, anytime, and with any device

Receive Calls from Anywhere in the World 

Our virtual office solution centres on a revolutionary virtual number concept. Staff can receive calls whether they are in the office or travelling. Our extensive network of local carrier partners means we can set up local phone numbers so that customers can make, receive, and return calls with their local country and area code. Incoming calls can be routed to any staff wherever they are in the world.  


Engage customers from anywhere, anytime, with any device.

Staff Management 

Assign staff to handle specific customer enquiries related to their areas of expertise. Export reports to monitor staff activities and performance.

Phonebook Management

Centralise all staff contact details so staff members can easily find and make on-net calls to colleagues worldwide.

Virtual Number 

Set up local phone numbers for customers to receive and return calls with their country and area code displayed. Route virtual numbers to anywhere in your network.


Generate QR codes and weblinks to give customers more options to contact your call centre directly.

What Sets M800 Apart 

maaiiConnect: Geographically distributed communication and virtual office suite. 

Virtual Office Solution Highlights:

Virtual number 
(International Toll-Free and Local access numbers)
Smart Routing 
CRM / OA Integration
QR Codes or Web Link Calls
Multiple Device Support
Dynamic Phonebook
Cross-Platform Support 
PBX Integration

Are your Virtual Office Solutions Getting the Right Results? 

Are your customers left frustrated when they cannot reach the right staff?
Are your remote staff members effectively connected to your CRM system?

Virtual Office Solution

Allow staff to handle customer cases anytime anywhere

How Our Virtual Office Solution Can Help Your Business

Anytime, Anywhere

Deploy a virtual office backed by a robust global network.


Communicate across platforms, protocols, and devices.

QR Codes 

Generate unique codes for customers to reach you directly. 

Virtual Number 

Support customers globally with local display numbers.


Easy PBX, CRM or OA integration.

Staff Phonebook

Let staff find and place on-net calls to colleagues globally.

Smart Routing

Route calls to the most qualified staff.

Voice & Video

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Business Applications 

Customers in the US deploy virtual numbers for each state to support customers locally. Data intelligence matches customers with the correct number for their area.

maaiiConnect empowers CRM systems to match callers with their info and route calls to staff with a similar language and location. OneDashboard provides the staff with all required customer’s information.

Follow-up calls are routed to the same staff. If the staff is out of the office, the system notifies the staff to take the call or read the message. Customer info is displayed in the mobile app. 

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